The REAL 50 Shades of Grey

OCD is tricky. Sometimes it hits me, and the most productive thing that I can do is to do something. Anything. That is, anything to get my mind unstuck from the swirl of thoughts and obsessions that run through my head in that moment. So for me, this was therapy that day. I started out just trying to write my thoughts out as an outlet, but by the end of writing this poem, I was able to gain a bit of gratitude: a bit of color amidst all of the grey that sometimes feels like a great big cloud looming over my head. I was grateful for this glimpse of light that day:

50 shades of Grey? More like 100.
Red Grey. Blue Grey. Green Grey.
They’re really quite colorful.
But do not be deceived,
Because they are not very pretty, or nice, or inviting.

But colors can be deceiving too.
Because they convince you that this is reality,
That everything is much more chaotic:
A swirling of thoughts, and knots, and doubts
That does not stop.

But look up, young soul…
Look around, and see the others,
Those people who are on the boat with you,
And Breathe, Knowing that there is life…

Knowing that perhaps life is one BIG rainbow,
And as confusing as the colors are,
We all see them…
Perhaps in different ways, but we all see them.

So be encouraged,
Enter in,
Because as confusing as the colors are,
The grey is much less preferred.

The grey is always there,
But so is the color.


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