Thank you, Lord.

In the words of Ate Ofe after post-meal burp, “Thank you, Lord”.

Thank you, Lord for another year to be:



Praising God.

With Stefi, Elinor, and Melissa for another semester.

With family on holidays and breaks.

Meeting new members of the Worcester community like Rose Gage and Maydee at Catholic Charities and the Refugee Artisans of Worcester.

Lord, thank you for a year to connect with others:

From my old friends at Holy Cross like Molly, Marie Therese, Amie, and Hilary to even older friends like Hanna and Stacie and Kara.

For the support team that I had been praying for the past ten or so years: My nutritionist, therapist, and my care team at Walden Treatment Center in Worcester, MA.

To grow in my senior year with my twin and best friend, Mandy.

Lord, I am thankful for so many other things that before were seemingly givens: my education at Holy Cross, being able to purchase a guitar and work to improve my musical skills with the help of my teacher, and for supportive and caring professors and staff to help me grow as a whole person.

This Thanksgiving, however, I am most thankful that I can eat: not just to stay alive or to get buy, but to enjoy the company of others and to get a small taste of the true joy that I will experience forever in Heaven.

As I sit with my family this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the meals that I have been fed throughout the years of my life: those that I received both willingly and unwillingly-with great happy and with great resentment and stubbornness. I am grateful for those who sat in my company to support me as I sought control over one of the greatest tangible gifts of God’s love.

Though this journey toward recovery is far from over, I am grateful to know that as guilty, silly, privileged and foolish as I may feel when I make the choice to refuse food, that I am not alone in this battle (a battle, by the way, which God has already won).

This is my prayer for this Thanksgiving:

“In this world, many have food and can eat, many have food but cannot eat, and many can eat, but have no food”.

Lord, I pray that you may bless all of these individuals and be with them all of their days. Amen.



“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever!”
-Psalm 106:1 (NIV)


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