“Will you miss Holy Cross?”

The short answer is yes. But the long answer is no. As much as I hate cliches, even stubborn me will admit that college was a pretty good four years, and it is probably four years that is like no other. I will give others credit when they told me to cherish every moment because […]

Lord, will you lead me?

Lord, will you lead me? Some days feel tougher than others. When I know that I did so well and conquered so many fears, And yet that tempting voice tries to creep in and say “You don’t deserve this, Cassie”. But that is a lie. Everyone deserves your love. I am blessed beyond belief, And […]

Thank you, Lord.

In the words of Ate Ofe after post-meal burp, “Thank you, Lord”. Thank you, Lord for another year to be: Me. Alive. Praising God. With Stefi, Elinor, and Melissa for another semester. With family on holidays and breaks. Meeting new members of the Worcester community like Rose Gage and Maydee at Catholic Charities and the Refugee […]